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Xylanta staff have expertise with a number of different technologies, mainly based on Free and Open Source Software that are used in both our product and consulting work as part of the overall solutions.


eCos is a compact real-time Operating System, that is available under a modified GPL license. The footprint is around 20 – 200 kByte and includes a number of excellent features including: comprehensive TCP/IP networking, run-time loadable modules and support for many common devices. These features make eCos a good choice as the OS for small embedded systems.

We can provide assistance in all areas including porting, device driver development and toolchain configuration.

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wxWidgets is an Open Source cross platform application development framework that allows windowed applications to be developed for a wide range of target operating systems from one common code base.

We use wxWidgets for the development of our own applications and so are well placed to undertake customer developments. In-house we use both MicroSoft Visual Studio and MinGW for wxWidgets development.

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GNU Tools

The GNU project has created numerous tools many of which have application in the development of embedded systems. The most notable of these are the GNU C Compiler collection (gcc etc), the GNU Debugger (gdb), binutils (linker and object file managers) and GNU make.

We have experience of configuring these tools particularly for cross-development work and can provide help with both building and installation.

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