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SAINT3 Product Family


Xylanta have been working on development of the next generation of the Aptiv/Delphi SAINT2 products that we are calling the SAINT3 family. These add CAN-FD support, both in the hardware and with enhanced host tools that support CAN-FD as a new protocol whilst maintaining a high level of software and hardware compatibility with the SAINT2.

Currently there are 3 products in the family:

  • the SAINT3 Pro which is a ‘drop in’ replacement for the SAINT2 with support for standalone reflash and emulation
  • the mSAINT3-FD which supports CAN-FD and LIN together with support for standalone reflash and emulation
  • the uSAINT3-FD which targets desktop applications that only require CAN-FD.

All SAINT3 products are available now.

More information on these products can be downloaded below.

Download “SAINT3 Pro Flyer” SAINT3-Pro-Flyer6.pdf – 447.34 KB

Download “uSAINT3-FD Flyer” uSAINT3-Flyer5.pdf – 352.35 KB

Download “mSaint3-FD Flyer” mSaint3-FD-Flyer2.pdf – 449.04 KB

Last updated: 4:51 pm GMT+0000 August 3, 2022