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Experimental ConfigTool

This is an experimental version of the eCos ConfigTool incorporating various features not currently available in the project repository. These include:

  • A menu option allowing the build duration to be optionally displayed
  • Accelerator key support in the output window
  • Checks to ensure that a build tree exists, regenerating it if needed
  • The ability to remove the entire build tree
  • Dual repository support
  • Support for multiple user profiles
  • Changes to display errors/warnings etc separately from the output log
  • Drag and drop support for ECC and ECM files

The dual repository support allows a local repository to searched for packages in addition to a copy of the main public repository. This enables local changes to be kept separate from the main repository allowing them to be independently version controlled, backed up etc.

User profiles provide a facility to have a number of configurations each of which are independent of each other. This allows different compilers, repositories, options etc to be set for each profile. The profile to use is set via the command line (-p ProfileName) and are most easily used via a shortcut that includes the profile option.

The version available here has been compiled as a native Windows 32-bit application, but uses Cygwin to provide the build enviroment. There is no need for installation, simply download the zip file, unpack and execute in place. Please email questions, bugs etc to

Note that for reliable operation with the Cygwin build environment it may be necessary to change the cygdrive mount point to include the ‘noacl’ option. See the Cygwin documentation for more information.

It is our intention to contribute these changes back to the main project once they are deemed useful and stable.

Download “eCos ConfigTool” ConfigTool-2014-05-21.zip – 2.38 MB

eCos Lua Port

Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications and is frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language. These patches provide an implementation of this for eCos. This port was developed by Savin Zlobec and is hosted here with his permission.

Download “eCos Lua 5.0.2” lua5_0_2-ecos-040324.tgz – 174.10 KB

Download “eCos Lua 5.0” lua5_0-ecos-030714.tgz – 168.61 KB

Download “eCos Lua 5.0 Threads” lua5_0-ecos-030714-threads-030721.zip – 8.17 KB

Click here for more information on Lua

Synthetic Serial Driver

A driver, written by Savin Zlobec which allows access to serial ports from the eCos synthetic target. Real serial ports or pseudo ttys can be used. This is also hosted here with his permission.

Download “eCos Synth Serial” synthserial-030826.tgz – 9.26 KB

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