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In order to perform long term testing of inkjet printhead control electronics the customer required a mechanism for simulating the actual printhead without any need for ink, media etc. The solution designed and developed by Xylanta, supports up to 16 dummy printheads, monitoring print data for corruption and providing switchable, fully protected power loads. A C# application provides system control and fault logging capabilities.

Last updated: 12:10 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

Working on contract, Xylanta staff developed two 10Gbit Ethernet adapters for a customer. These were destined to be OEM products and had to meet all the end-customer’s extensive electrical, environmental and regulatory requirements. The project involved NIC and test jig hardware design using Mentor tools, management of an external PCB house, BOM/build information for manufacture in Asia.

Last updated: 2:03 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

A web based application was required to collect GPS and fault data from vehicles across Europe. The received data is held in a MySQL database and used to generate service/diagnostic information for garages. The server was implemented using a combination of PHP, AJAX, JSON and JavaScript, together with HTML and CSS for the actual pages that allow user access.

Last updated: 12:22 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

Xylanta regularly undertake Infotainment System test rides across Europe for customers. These typically involve executing various formal and informal tests in locations known to be challenging for the systems, often whilst comparing performance to a ‘reference unit’. In addition to performing the tests, we frequently develop the test setups and collaborate on the test methodology as well.

Last updated: 12:23 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

Another recent project has involved taking a mixed digital/RF design developed by a third party, reviewing it and then creating a PCB layout from the revised design. As part of this process Xylanta provided input on design best practice, the partitioning of the design into 2 boards to allow packaging within the specified casework and performed the detailed component placement/routing.

Last updated: 12:26 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

The customer required a method of easily generating repeatable tests that could be written by non-programmers and held under version control. Xylanta developed an automated, script driven full system test tool specifically for them, utilising C++, the WxWidgets framework and the open-source Lua script language.

Last updated: 12:23 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

This bespoke HMI test hardware was developed to support automated testing of HMI functions. It is based around an ARM processor and a FPGA for the video capture. Xylanta were responsible for the complete hardware design, PCB layout, firmware and manufacture.

Last updated: 12:24 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014

Developed for motorsport applications, this consists of custom ARM processor based hardware and firmware that measures the angular position of 2 trigger discs, together with the phase between them in real-time. The results are delivered via a CAN bus, which can also be used for configuration of the unit.

Last updated: 12:24 pm GMT+0000 July 1, 2014