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Xylanta adds Multichannel FM/RDS Encoder to DeskLab Range

Cambridge UK, 22 August 2012

Xylanta Limited has today announced DeskLab RDS, an 8 channel FM/RDS Encoder for Automotive radio validation.

The DeskLab RDS is a Multichannel FM/RDS Encoder targeted at replicating some of the test scenarios encountered during on-road infotainment system test rides, in a lab environment. It is the first hardware product in Xylanta's DeskLab test tool range.

The companion DeskLab software provides both a graphical 'point and click' test environment, together with a Lua based script automation system for more complex testing needs. This is based on a version of the product already in use for infotainment test automation with a leading automotive Tier 1 supplier.

Validation of the reception characteristics of any RDS capable FM receiver is an essential step in the development process. To fully validate the reception characteristics, it is necessary to utilise the receiver in as many real-world situations as possible. This is difficult to achieve with a receiver designed for use in a static location, and becomes far more complex with moving receivers such as those encountered in automotive infotainment products. Typically this involves extensive periods of on-road testing, across multiple countries, to ensure good coverage of likely usage and failure scenarios.

The ideal would be to recreate these test scenarios in a lab environment, allowing better testing throughout the development process, and reducing the amount of expensive on-road testing required. The DeskLab RDS is specifically designed to assist engineers in this process by providing 8 individually controllable FM/RDS channels, providing a rich environment to emulate real situations without leaving their desks. The use of scripting allows complex test scenarios to be reproduced.

Director, Dr. Ken Aitchison, said "With the release of the DeskLab RDS, Xylanta is moving into a new phase providing specialised test equipment focused on the validation needs of software engineers working in the Infotainment sector, rather than those of hardware developers".

Evaluation units are available now, with first shipments anticipated in Q4/2012.

About Xylanta Limited

Since its inception, Xylanta has been focused on making innovative test automation solutions available on engineers desks, targeting the industrial and automotive markets.

With a strong hardware and software capability, the company is well placed to provide comprehensive testing solutions, together with custom interfacing and test script development services as needed. In addition, the company also undertakes bespoke development projects.

The staff have been involved in product testing for many years and have a combined experience of over 20 years in providing test solutions to the Automotive market alone. In that time, companies that we have provided test automation consultancy to include GM, Delphi, Ford, Visteon, Motorola, and Detroit Diesel.

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