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Xylanta launches first products for industrial and automotive applications

Cambridge UK, 14 December 2005: Xylanta - the new name in communications prototyping and test solutions for the industrial and automotive markets today announced its first products. The ANB-1 is a prototyping board aimed at OEMs and integrators looking for intelligent, production ready, multi-protocol solutions, whilst the ANM-1 is a complete multi-protocol test solution.

The ANM-1 product, which is oriented towards the automotive market, is based around an ARM-7 micro-controller core and provides support for 4 CAN channels (2 high speed, 1 fault tolerant and one single wire to GM3089 V2.2), 2 LIN channels (master/slave), 2 K-Line channels, 1 L-Line and 1 J1708. For integration with other non-automotive systems, a 10/100 Ethernet connection is available and an on-board expansion bus allows the functionality to be extended with both Xylanta and customer developed daughter boards. Available software support includes a complete toolchain based around the GNU compiler suite and a port of the eCos Open Source operating system. Example source code is available for the major board functions.

Whilst using the same hardware platform, the ANM-1 is a complete packaged test solution, including all the necessary hardware and software to allow a PC to be transformed into the hub of an advanced communication test environment. Key features of the system include the XyCommTool message monitor application, built-in scripting capability, optional J2534 and RP1210A interfaces, on-board logging, industry standard message database import and integration via COM with third-party tools like NI Labview. In addition, the controlling interface is based around the XML-RPC standard allowing the hardware to be incorporated into larger customer test systems directly. Future plans include provision of higher level protocol support for Keyword-2000, J1939, CANOpen and others.

Xylanta Director, Ken Aitchison, commented, "Having been involved in the automotive test market for a number of years, we realised that there is a need for a new generation of highly functional test tools and prototyping solution based around Open Source tools. The ANB-1 and ANM-1 squarely address this need."

It is anticipated that both products will begin shipping during Q1, 2006.

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About Xylanta Limited

Xylanta is a new company focused on providing highly functional, cost effective test and prototyping solutions for the industrial and automotive markets based where practical around freely available Open Source software. The initial focus is on supporting the needs of engineers involved in the development and validation of embedded communications software using technologies such as CAN, LIN, J1850, J1939, CANopen and DeviceNet.

Its founders have long industrial experience and until recently ran the Automotive Test Tools business at Pi Technology, with responsibility for the Pi AutoSim hardware-in-the-loop test products.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Ken Aitchison
Xylanta Ltd
Email: @xylanta.com